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Discord Updates – Dec 22, 2020

6:45 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

:here: Squires +3 MP :here: Monks -3 MP🤔7fftbgMimePunch2Thonk3

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A new type of Blue Magic has been discovered – Humans are animals (which is part of the Monster family) and thus Calculators devoting their life to learning monster skills realized they were capable of not only using a skillset previously unavailable to their vocation, but completely mastering it. All skillsets previously unavailable to Calculator are now available as very rare Blue Magic! A few details… :here: As mentioned, this is a very rare type of Blue Magic. Rarer than all others. It does not increase the overall Blue Magic chance, however. :here: When a Human Blue Mage spawns, it will spawn with all of the skills of its skillset, like any other Blue Magic. Summon Blue Mages will always have Zodiac. Item Blue Mages will always have Elixir. Draw Out Blue Mages will always have Masamune AND Chiri, etc. :here: Sing and Dance are not restricted by sex. Male Blue Mages can dance; Females can Sing. :here: You still cannot force these secondaries onto a Calculator to get a Blue Mage of that type. I’m not going to make Chemists completely irrelevant by letting people just roll Elixir Calcs. :here: It’s BLUE MAGIC. None of it can be mathed, so don’t get your hopes up there. Why did I do this? Dunno, I was bored. Also now Calculators can access all abilities, so there’s that.(edited)fftbgGilTaking6fftbgDivideByZero1fftbgBigBrain9😮3

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Our TOC commentators, Rislyeu and Virilikus are warming up on Virilikus’ stream! Check them out! – Twitch

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