Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Dec 21, 2020

[10:10 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

For those who like to use a variety of classes, you will be pleased to learn that Class Bonus has been buffed! :here: The maximum class bonus you can earn has been increased, from +5 to +7. :here: Getting the first two bonuses is now quicker… Your class streak will now grow to +2 when your class streak is three (down from four), and +3 when your class streak is 5 (down from 7). From there, things continue as it was before where you need to add three additional classes to your streak to get another +1. :here: Your class streak maxes out at a class streak of 17, which is when you have three classes to choose from. :here: There’s no change with how Class Bonus stacks with anything else, including Skill Bonus, EXPBoost, or GilgameHeart. So in the case of EXPBoost and GilgameHeart, which where previously negatively impacted by the cooldown changes, they should now provide a bigger ‘Oomf’ if used with Class Bonus. Please add any #bug-reports you discover regarding the change. Attached is a simple table what your bonus should be at any point in a Class Streak (the middle row is how many classes will be listed when you use !bonus at this class streak to extend your streak). Edit: The title of the second column should have the double asterisk.(edited)fftbgNotLikeCat1fftbgGilTaking9fftbgBigBrain1December 22, 2020