Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Dec 16, 2020

[8:48 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Okay so over the last few days I’ve been trying to debug an AI issue on the ISO in which a unit previously in critical but the last unit(s) on its team (“desperation mode”), and later one of the unit’s allies became healthy again (undead, revival, another desperate ally healing themselves, etc) that desperation mode would not turn “off”, making that unit remain aggressive despite being in critical. Eventually, I discovered this was a Team 2-only phenomenon, and that previously desperate Team 1 units would return to critical AI after another ally is no longer in critical. Some trial and error & testing revealed I could fix this Team 2 issue by making the following change which I’m not pushing to the production ISO: :here: Team 2 no longer marks its allies with an unknown AI targeting flag when in desperation mode. I was aware of this Team difference for some time but thought it was benign. There’s a few other instances in the assembly code that Team 1 and Team 2 do essentially the same thing but in different places in the code (thanks Square!) so I didn’t want to change anything I wasn’t sure what it was. To make things odder, the only time I found within Battle.bin this flag was being referenced was the section of code I bypassed when fixing the Fake Critical glitch. As it turns out, this may have been Team 2’s version of critical checks instead of Team 1’s logic that resulted in the Fake Critical phenomenon. Being that the removal of the setting of this AI flag seems to have corrected the problem, I have to assume there’s somewhere else in the code where this flag is checked. EITHER WAY – I cannot stress enough that I don’t actually know what this AI targeting flag does. It’s possible that this change will have other AI side effects. Please report any AI weirdness in #bug-reports, especially for Player 2 units. Also if a unit seems to still be acting in “fake desperation mode”, please report that as well.(edited)fftbgDivideByZero5fftbgBigBrain5

[4:29 PM] Nizaha (Lvl 86, 181/185, 4/6): 

@here Time to get ready for ToC6 preshow! If you were here for ToC4’s preshow you’ll be pretty familiar with how this one will work, but I’ll recap that first. 8 teams of 4 will be constructed from units that have already been rolled before, one for each player on the team. (You can see a list of your units here: Just search by your twitch username.) However, this time around, teams will be divided among allegiance lines. Red team will consist only of Red team allies! Blue for blue! And so on and so forth. Each team color has been given their own team channel (if you aren’t a member of it yet in discord, see, and each team should discuss who they’d like to nominate as captain (use whatever method you want as a team, I can draw a name from a hat if you want or you can just vote or pick someone). Once a captain is selected, you’ll then want to discuss with your fellow color teammates which units to use for your team – the captain is NOT required to be a part of the team this time around, they are just there to help organize things for the team and acts as a final say for the team if there’s some kind of disagreement. Next, there will be some challenges / minigames to participate in to help your team out! Anyone who is allied to the team color can help with these, and winners will get special bonuses to help out their team units for the preshow itself, so definitely check these out when they’re going on! Finally, rumor has it that the winner of the preshow will earn their team some kind of special prize…GCMadBlob7fftbgDivideByZero1fftbgCutFace1fftbgBigBrain1December 17, 2020