Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Dec 15, 2020

[5:34 PM] Nizaha (Lvl 86, 181/185, 4/6): 

I’ve created some team channels for some reason or another. If you’d like to join your team channel, react to this message with your team color – I have to manually put people into team roles so don’t expect to be added immediately so please be patient (and I’ll be deleting reactions as I process them so don’t re-add yourself please). Also, your team allegiance is currently LOCKED for the purposes of this mysterious reason (I have a list of all players and their allegiance from as of about an hour ago) and this will not be updated until uh, later. If for some reason you don’t have an allegiance or you REALLY want to change, DM me. Oh and if I’m actively in #general or something feel free to just tell me there.