Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Dec 8, 2020

[10:32 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

:here: Changed the animation of a really rarely used ability to one that was unused in FFTBG and way cooler.

:here: In addition to the other two VIP challenges, there’s a new one: First person to correctly identify which ability had its animation changed AND what animation it now uses (the name of the ability that uses the animation in the vanilla game) will earn a VIP.

Beware, each user can only guess once! You are virtually guaranteed to fail unless you witness the new animation on-stream! You can guess by @ing me on Discord with your guess.

:here: EDIT: Musk Rod’s -2 MA proc was changed in this update, too. This is not the answer I’m looking for, for the above. Kusm Odr’s imonaiant ahencg yma evidrpo a Tihn fi yuo ese ti, evorhwe.

Thanks for watching!