Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Dec 3, 2020

[5:48 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

Units will no longer be generated from Red to Brown in each generation “cycle” (generation of 8 units). Instead, each “cycle”, the order each team is selected is randomized. :here: That means, for example, Black 1 could be the first unit, followed by Brown 1, etc. :here: As stated, its randomized per cycle. Just because Black 1 was first, doesn’t mean Black 2 will be first of the next cycle. This is being done for a few reasons but mainly: :here: Mostly a test to completely remove all possible strength bias that teams could have (namely, Red and Blue) by their position in the team order. We were seeing Red and Blue dominating in the last two seasons. Want to rule out team generation order bias as a reason why. :here: Makes it way harder during night crew to “cheat” onto the team you want to be on by waiting for the final round of generation when no other viewers are in the pool. For #development people… :here: I don’t know how many of you if anyone ( @OtherBrand ?) use the order of entrants.txt to get who is who during a particular tournament, but in case you made the assumption of the old generation order, the complete slot order has been added to each tournament’s dump folder under slot_order.txt Honestly I’m not sure if I really like how this looks visually (and I worry it may make team generation harder to follow) and I very well revert it at some point, idk. Obviously, if you encounter any bugs related to this change please report it in #bug-reports immediately! Thanks!!(edited)🧠5📈5fftbgPrayRNG4