Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Oct 30, 2020

[3:39 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

The only memeber of the Robotic Overlords and current Champion of Champions, @Lanshaft , has narrowed his list down to six maps that he’d like to defend his title on. It now comes down to a vote. Which of these maps will the winner of TOC5 have to play on if they hope to unseat the four Steel Giants currently oppressing the stream?
This poll will close 11/1 whenever I get around to making whichever map is first official
Straw Poll
Where will the Robot Overlords defend their title?
Vote Now!
[38) Goug Machine City]
[70) Nelveska Temple]
[35) Zaland Fort City]
[3) Hall of St. Murond Temple]
[95) Church]
[55) Graveyard of Airships]

[8:10 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

SCARY SPOOOOOKY SKELLINGTONS! FFTBG has been overrun by HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! The current meme champs are a bunch of setie bards with Phoenix Downs. If you defeat them, maybe I’ll end the Halloween haunts early. Else, have fun with this until I get home tomorrow after trick or treating with my kids!