Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Oct 28, 2020

[9:24 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Pointless update of the day: :here: Goblin 3 Jump -> 4 Jump. Their agile frame makes for good acrobatics. :here: Great Malboro 4 Jump -> 5 Jump. Their tendrils being far stickier than their lesser cousins, the Great Malboro can now climb up surfaces with even more height.(edited)fftbgOchuuu5fftbgMutilate4fftbgBadBreath5knuckles1OWO1KEKW1dviperRNG1azshara1Karma1blood17541150804460176031PepeHands1Trash1dviperGold1fftbgHere1wetboi1fftbgPrayRNG1fftbgFleshWound1fftbgFightMe1fftbgFarlem1

[10:22 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

More pointless changes… :here: Juravis 46 MA -> 45 MA. :here: Steel Giant 5 Jump -> 6 Jump. Steel Giants have upgraded their back jetpacks for more vertical leap. (Decided to throw them a small bone after the elemental nerfs to the unit and the range nerfs of Compress and Destroy). :here: Lick’s vertical tolerance increased from 0 to 1. :here: Destroy can no longer be used while Silenced, due to the lack of sound stopping the wave of compressed air and electricity from reaching its target. :here: Noxious Gas’ animation has been changed to Beowulf’s Sleep animation. No reason for this really other than for it to no longer share an animation with Bio Silentium.(edited)fftbgDispose2fftbgBadBreath8fftbgFarlem3fftbgChip1fftbgSsh1fftbgPrayRNG1fftbgKnockOut1fftbgHere1fftbgFleshWound1fftbgFightMe1fftbgDivideByZero1PepeHands17541150804460176031Karma1

[3:26 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

TOC5’s two Semi-finals maps have been selected! It will be random which side of the bracket they’ll be on but the two maps are: 32) Slums in Dorter & 33) Hospital in SlumsfftbgByblosDance8🏥8

[7:03 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

You know what, I don’t mind even revealing the FINALS map for TOC5… I’ve decided to go to a map that anyone who has played the game will know.. It’s iconic. A bit larger than previous finals maps but definitely balanced by winrate… 85) Mandalia Plains !!!🤣3ohnYes2fftbgGilTaking3fftbgPrayRNG3fftbgChip2October 29, 2020NEW