Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Oct 27, 2020

[4:20 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

Semi-final map selection voting is now underway! This season, I asked the two users who designed our most recent pre-shows to decide on which maps will be voted on, @Dust, Preshow Designer and @Nizaha (Lvl 30, 110/185; 4/6) ! They selected an interesting set of maps each. so do make sure to vote in BOTH polls! I’ll probably call it at like 7 PM ET tomorrow.(edited)Straw Poll

TOC5 Semi-finals map? (1/2, Dustburd’s picks)Vote Now!

[57) Underground Book Storage First Floor]
[32) Slums in Dorter]
[3) Hall of St. Murond Temple]
[5) Roof of Riovanes Castle]Straw Poll

TOC5 Semi-finals map? (2/2, Nizaha’s picks)
Vote Now!
[33) Hospital in Slums]
[49) Fort Zeakden]
[111) MLAPAN]
[94) Stone Shed]
[64) Sluice of Bethla Garrison]