Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Oct 22, 2020

[10:59 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

This is an experimental change, but one that I am confident making.
:here: Level Jump8 and Vertical Jump8 have been removed from FFTBG. In their place, Level Jump6 and Level Jump7 have been added.
:here: All previous units that come back that previously had Level Jump8 or Vertical Jump8 (for TOC or Doppelganger, for instance) will have their ability converted to Level Jump7 and Vertical Jump7 respectively. It will probably be still listed as 8 but the game will treat it as 7.
:here: Rates have been adjusted such that having Level Jump7 or Level Jump6 after the change is more likely than getting Level Jump8 previously. So while maximum Jump range goes down, average Jump range actually increases. Also chances of higher end vertical are increased to compensate losing vertical 8.
Please report any bugs in #bug-reports … such as if a Lancer/unit with Jump appears to have a jump range different than what he should, or if a unit seems incapable of jumping at all (but please be certain it isn’t the case of the unit not being able to find a Jump or choosing to use it… if you report this, it should be over many games).