Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Oct 9, 2020

[6:35 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

I give up.
:here: Stabilize Time now only removes debuffs on allies, and I’ve marked it with the Target Allies flag which should mean the AI will only consider using it on allies.
:here: This will have the unfortnaute effect of the AI no longer considering it to remove Death Sentence. Refute is now the only way to reliably have the AI remove DS. But it just isn’t worth the AI making dumb plays anymore. It still can technicly remove DS… but so can Carbunkle. Unfortunately the “Target Allies” flag seems to cause the AI to completely ignore DS allies… still it may accidentilly cure DS sometimes with it still, I guess.
:here: This also means that it can’t remove Haste, Float, and Reflect from enemies anymore with Stabilize Time. Again, not worth it messing up so often.
:here: Rip. I didnt test this but there’s no reason it shouldn’t work. Let me know if anything seems weird or buggy, but it shouldn’t.