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Discord Updates – Oct 7, 2020

[6:10 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

New VIP opportunity! Anyone who can get a unit of any of these classes into TOC5 will earn a shiny VIP if they don’t already have one: :here: Squire :here: Chemist :here: Blue Magic Calculator :here: Wizard :here: Oracle :here: Priest :here: Bard :here: Dancer :here: Time Mage :here: Thief :here: Any non-elite, non-strong monster that hasn’t made it into a previous TOC (so any normal monster that isn’t Black Chocobo, Juravis, Revenant, Porky, or Vampire).(edited)fftbgEmpowered2fftbgPrayRNG6October 8, 2020