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Discord Updates – Sept 27, 2020

[10:34 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

9/27 patch: :here: I’ve decided to change the Untruth formula to “correct” the weirdness with its interaction with the Faith & Innocent statuses (previously, Faith would maximize its damage while Innocent would set it to 0, like most normal spells… now, Innocent will maximize its damage while Faith will set it to 0, as you would expect of ‘Anti-Faith’). While no one knows for sure if it was a bug or just a weird design choice, I decided that correcting it makes more sense from a logical standpoint. It also opens up Dancer as being a pretty interesting counter to Steel Giants (see attached image for damage projections for unresisted Untruth attacks at various faiths). :here: Slightly increased the rates of Holy and Dark Holy (chance to have them learned is +2% from where they were). :here: Some more backend code changes that, hopefully, none of you will notice. As usual, let me know asap of any bugs in #bug-reports .(edited)