Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Sep 22, 2020

[8:33 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Optimization patch is…LIVE! :here: I optimized code on tournament startup so the bot SHOULD load much quicker now at the start of a tournament. Keep an eye out for any weird bugs with the high scores or stats commands… they should be fine after this adjustment but you never know. :here: Skill-Drop cooldown period increased from 3 to 5, which means duplicates should now not occur within 5 tournaments. Keep in mind that if I reset the bot for a patch that it forgets the past skill drops, please do not post in #bug-reports about this:here: Added 10 new faller messages, because why the eff not. Again, any bugs… pelase report… thanks.👍6💨2

[10:15 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

In addition to the last patch… :here: Due to a new and recent Twitch IRC Bridge issue that seems to be causing the bot connection to hang between the Connection Successful response & actually joining the #fftbattleground channel, the bot now detects when it successfully joins the channel and should attempt to reinitialize itself if required. Let me know if any bugs are discovered with this (bot reinitializing when no issue is present, or failing to reinitialize after failure to join the channel initially).👍3

[11:50 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

One last check before I’m done… :here: If the bot doesn’t receive any response, even server messages within a 30 second interval it will try to ping Twitch. If the ping isn’t responded to, it will attempt reconnect. Hopefully that will limit when the bot sometimes “freezes” mid tournament, too.