Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Sep 10, 2020

[8:16 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

People like @Nizaha (Lvl 81, 182/185; 3/6) have been complaining for months about not being able to force a skill with their Blue Mage. I finally thought of a simple elegant solution for it… so long as you’re prestigious enough. :here: Normally excluding your classes’ secondary on a !fight entry does absolutely nothing since you can’t roll your classes’ primary as a secondary anyway (it should probably throw an error, but meh)… but now, Calculators rolled with -MathSkill are guaranteed to be a Blue Mage (except if BlackMagic, WhiteMagic, YinYangMagic, or TimeMagic are the inclusion skill, of course). This means you can now, if you are prestigious enough to have the MathSkill hidden skill, roll a Blue Mage with its inclusion in-tact (so you can add Short Charge in the hopes of a Limit/Lucavi Calc, or whatever else).