Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Sep 9, 2020

[9:07 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Two minor changes…

:here: As posted in #suggestions , I’ve replaced Goblin Punch’s animation with that of Crush Punch, since Crushing Sword is unused.

:here: Kitties can now use the hop in the animation to good use… Poison Nail goes from 1 range & 2 vertical range to 2 range & 4 vertical range. And…

:here: In addition to the Lava Ball challenge that no one will ever probably do, the first person to use Goblin Punch with its new animation, and the first person to use Poison Nail at range who aren’t already VIPs will earn a VIP. You can use an actual monster to do this or a Blue Mage, it doesn’t matter to me. Note that you need to clip and show me, if you failed to do so you may not get the VIP even if you were first.(Both complete… Lava Ball remains the only active one)fftbgMutilate34fftbgNotLikeCat

[12:24 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

Some relatively minor monster HP adjustments…
:here: Malboro 435 HP -> 442 HP
:here: Great Malboro 453 HP -> 461 HP
:here: Sekhret 446 HP -> 449 HP
:here: Dragon 458 HP -> 455 HP
:here: Wyvern 440 HP -> 435 HP