Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Aug 31, 2020

[10:20 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Adding two new commands in the next patch. I tested them a bit but do let me know if you notice bugs.
:here: !riserboard: Shows the players with the Top 10 gil differences of the current tournament. Effectively, this will show who is currently leading to earn Highest Riser. Bots are not shown on the leaderboard.
:here: !riserrank: Shows your current rank on the riserboard, and how many total players whose gil has changed during the current tournament. You could use this to get your rank if you aren’t in the Top 10 for the Riserboard, but also to see how far you are to being the Deepest Faller. You must have a gil difference for it to get your rank (if you made or lost no money, you aren’t ranked). Also, again, Bots cannot use this command. Additionally…
:here: The tiebreaker should be total Gil, so let me know if it appears that it’s not (for instance, if two people have the highest Gil gain, the one with the higher total Gil wins Highest Riser. If two people have the biggest fall, the one with the lower total Gil wins Deepest Faller).
:here: Two new items adding to each tournament folder in the dump: 1) highriser.txt, which is added at the end of a tournament and contains the full Riserboard list; and 2) teamvalue.txt which contains each of the eight teams’ !teamvalue.(edited)

[4:54 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

I’ve changed the names of maps 28-30 (the Colliery maps) to better reflect what they actually are (easier to remember which is which, hopefully) while also removing the misnomer of the original translation of them being underground. Their ‘title’ comes from the WOTL translation but I reworded it to be closer to the PSX translation’s map naming conventions: :here: 28 – Ridge of Goland Colliery (formerly Colliery Underground First Floor) :here: 29 – Slope of Goland Colliery (formerly Colliery Underground Second Floor) :here: 30 – Floor of Goland Colliery (formerly Colliery Underground Third Floor)