Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Aug 28, 2020

[7:53 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

:here: Malboros can now use their sticky gooey bodies to help them climb a bit better… Malboro, Great Malboro, Ochu go from 3 Jump to 4 Jump. :here: It has been discovered that Steel Giants, previously believed to be impervious to cold, are slightly affected (their batteries in particular seem to be negatively impacted). Steel Giants are no longer immune to Ice, but they do still halve Ice damage.

[3:00 PM] Nizaha (Lvl 67, 178/185; 3/6): 

While I don’t want to give away our preshow teams, since it’s Friday it’s probably about time to at least show off some matchups, eh? So here are our excellently named preshow teams and their first round matchups, followed by the official map list for the preshow: Look Out Below vs “…?” Nothing Personal vs JP Farmers FeelsLowlfMan vs Original Flavor One Trick vs Doctors Without Orders Map(s): 68) Bethla Garrison 104) Belouve Residence 69) Murond Death City 15) At the Gate of Limberry Castle (1) 94) Stone Shed 116) Arena 77) Lenalia Plateau 75) Bervenia Volcano🎉10