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Discord Updates – Aug 27, 2020

[5:27 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

In the past, I had two people of various members of the community decide on which maps should be voted on for the Semi-Finals. For TOC4, I’m letting perhaps the most influential being in FFTBG decide which maps will be voted on: RNG. After randomizing the maps not included in the CoC poll above or selected for the first round, here’s the two Semi-final map polls!

These will close TONIGHT, remember to vote on both!
Vote Now! [56) Orbonne Monastery] [87) Bariaus Valley] [67) North Wall of Bethla Garrison] [10) Igros Castle] [1) Gate of Igros Castle]
Vote Now! [100) Public Cemetary] [49) Fort Zeakden] [2) Back Gate of Lesalia Castle] [51) Office of St. Murond Temple] [112) TIGER]

[4:56 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

The results are in… the CoC defense match will be 83 – Zirekile Falls The two Semi-finals maps will be 56 – Orbonne Monastery 49 – Fort Zeakden It is always my duty to pick the finals map. I usually like to pick a medium sized map, but I also wanted to take into consideration @MagicBottle’s map latest map stats and pick a map that was extremely balanced (< 0.5% away from 50% in either driection). After looking over the options I decided on: 45 – Ruins of Zeltennia Castle’s Church(edited)fftbgCharm3

[5:01 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

After randomizing the order of the Quarter and Semi finals map selections, this is the complete TOC4 matchup list! :here: Seed 1 versus Seed 8 on 106 – DELTA :here: Seed 4 versus Seed 5 on 95 – Church :here: Seed 2 versus Seed 7 on 63 – Golgorland Execution Site :here: Seed 3 versus Seed 6 on 53 – Entrance to Death City :here: The winners of the first two games on 56 – Orbonne Monastery :here: The winners of the second two games on 49 – Fort Zeakden :here: The winner of the Semi-finals matches on 45 – Ruins of Zeltennia Castle’s Church and, finally… :here: The TOC4 winner versus the Champion of Champions on 83 – Zirekile Falls Not that you know the complete brackets, unless a team streaks in at the last moment, you can now start analyzing the matchups accordingly! Personally, I’m HYPED!(edited)fftbgCultured2fftbgBigBrain1fftbgMimePunch1