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Discord Updates – Aug 24, 2020

[11:06 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Most of the weaker hats have been buffed by like 2 HP.👍5😮2fftbgWick2

[12:47 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

Decided to turn my attention to Oracles and Yin Yang Magic. Yin Yang Magic has always been somewhat of a bottom-barrel secondary (all time fourth-worst in total winrate), and probably contributes to Oracle’s struggles. The biggest problem with Yin Yang is, outside of its premiere skill, Paralyze, a lot of the spells suffer from low hit chances at even mid-tier faith; and frankly, a lot of those spells don’t have the upside to warrant the low chance. I didn’t want to buff their better skills because they seem fine (Paralyze, Petrify, Sleep), so I focused on changes featuring their other skills.
:here: Zombie hitrate (MA + 115)% -> (MA + 140)% … (seriously why does this spell have less of a chance to hit than Frog and Petrify?? Let’s give it a more appropriate hitrate…)
:here: Confusion Song hitrate (MA + 145)% -> (MA + 150)% (the AI loves Confusion, it’s one of their favorite statuses… at least now, it’ll miss slightly less. I’d also consider Confusion to be one of the Oracle’s most thematic statuses to inflict)

:here: Dispel Magic 0 AoE -> 1 AoE (Its opposite, Esuna, gets 1 AoE, so why not Dispel Magic? It’s pretty rarely used but if the AI can cancel buffs on multiple units, they should be more inclined to go for it, and make casting it much more worth it.) This last change isn’t in Yin Yang but I like it so…
:here: Quick hitrate (MA + 150)% -> (MA + 155)% … (At least when units spam Quick on themselves, they’ll miss slightly less, lol).(edited)✌️11