Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Aug 20, 2020

8:19 AM] Nizaha (Lvl 64, 176/185; 3/6): 

Preshow teams are as follows!

Captain: Laserman1000
Members: run with stone guns, toka222, LDSkinny

Captain: DustbirdEX
Members: Rislyeu, Nizaha, SkylerBunny

Captain: lowlf
Members: Sinnyil2, HASTERIOUS, Galkife

Captain: VolgraTheMoose
Members: dogsandcatsand, DLJuggernaut, Ko2q

Captain: maakur
Members: Mirapoix, Bryan792, jordache7k

Captain: DeathTaxesAndAnime
Members: Mesmaster, nhammen, Thyrandaal

Captain: DavenIII
Members: Nifboy, Rocl, Tougou

Captain: actual_JP
Members: reddwind, nightdew14, Virilikus

Teams are pretty much set as far as members go and everything seems on track for our deadline of 9 PM ET on Friday 8/21, so good job everyone! Just wanted to remind captains that you’ll also want to submit your preferred map. Maps will be randomized across the 8 matches based on choices from each team. Submit your preferred 2-3 maps to me in order of preference, as if your map gets picked by someone else as their first choice you’ll want a fallback option or two. Finally, Nacho wants us to each have a short team name. Not sure what the character limit is on this, but come up with some kind of short name and let me know, if it’s too long I’ll get back to you.