Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Aug 16, 2020

[4:17 PM] Nizaha (Lvl 61, 173/185; 3/6): 

I’d like to announce our format for the ToC4 preshow! As some of you might have noticed, I’ve been (not so subtly) hinting for prestiged members to get into the ascended lounge. This was for signups for team captains for the ToC4 preshow, and I’m happy to announce that the following members have been randomly selected from those that signed up to be captain: Laserman1000 – @Inquire DustbirdEX – @DustBirdEX – Ad-Lib CEO lowlf – @lowlf VolgraTheMoose – @Volgra maakur_ – @maakur DeathTaxesAndAnime – @Death Taxes and Anime DavenIII – @DavenIII actual_JP – @actual_JP Congratulations to those that were selected, and thanks to everyone who entered! Now to explain how all this works. In short, each of the team captains is responsible for recruiting 3 other members to make a team of four. The captain can recruit according to any criteria he or she wishes. From there, each player on the team will select one unit from any unit that they’ve ever used – this will create a team of four units that your captain will then submit to me. You can make any kind of team you’d like, as long as it’ll be interesting, and you have the units available to make the team. If there are any major disagreements among your team members, your captain does have final say, but I don’t expect this veto power should need to be used unless someone disappears randomly after being recruited. You can view your past units on Bryan’s website here: Just search by your twitch username up in the top right and it should pull up a list of all of your past units. Team captains have until 9 PM ET Friday to submit their teams to me! Just DM it to me directly if you don’t mind, it’s easiest for me that way. If you have any questions feel free to ping me in discord, I’ll see it. Have fun!(edited)fftbgEmpowered6