Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Aug 15, 2020

[7:10 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Okay so I really shouldn’t apply this before going on vacation but I’m going to anyway. As some of you know who has been paying attention to #suggestions , the ability for a unit to get back up via Reraise or Undead or something after the final unit went down was a perk exclusive to Player 2. While we still can’t figure out the root cause, I’m applying a “bandaid” patch that should eliminate this advantage for the most part until we can find out why Player 1 wins have a ‘delayed trigger’. What this hack does is bypass the entire Reraise/Undead/Crystalization/DeathSentence/DeathCountdown routine if it detects that the unit has no living allies remaining. I did quite a bit of testing to make sure it was working insofar as Player 2’s advantage being eliminated, but nothing really beats the sample size of FFTBG for catching any potential bugs. So I ask yall to keep a CLOSE eye on this, and please let me or a Stream Fixer know ASAP if you notice any oddities including but not limited to: :here: A unit reraising/undead reviving after their team is eliminated (this means that something is getting past this fix) :here: ANYTHING AT ALL ODD with Reraise, Undead, Crystalization, Death Sentence, Death Countdown. If something happens that you didn’t expect, LET ME KNOW. :here: If a match doesn’t properly end even though it should. :here: A match ending even though it shouldn’t Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!