Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Aug 3, 2020

[8:45 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Just posting a small note/alert regarding Hurricane Isaias. Currently the stream is hosted from my home in Eastern PA. At this time, it seems the storm will enter our area sometime early tomorrow morning. It should no longer be a Hurricane at this point, but the forecast is expecting heavy rain and possible wind. We’ve lost power a couple times in the past due to a severe storm, so this remains a possibility for tomorrow, too. The battery backup system should be able to keep the stream up for around an hour, but obviously, a storm-related outage will likely be more than that. If we lose power and I’m awake, I’ll post an update and let the current tournament conclude before taking down the stream gracefully. If I’m sleeping, that may not happen. But at least you guys will know the probable reason why the stream is offline if it goes down sometime tomorrow.👍10⛈️10rip2August 4, 2020