Discord Updates

Discord Updates – July 30, 2020

[6:33 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

To counter the above fix’s effect on Undead… :here: Chance that an Undead unit revives from 50% to 62.5%. I may lower this figure at some point. It’s hard to really determine what a reasonable figure is that will neither hurt nor harm Undead units’ viability… while the chance was previously higher than this due to the above bug (since an Undead could receive several chances to revive), I don’t want to match that number since now, Undead will revive sooner (or crystal sooner). Figured this was a good number to start with.(edited)fftbgPhoenixDown

[1:30 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

Moving into more P1/P2 differences, I’ve had to make a concession. :here: Player 2’s march aggressive should match Palyer 1’s now. :here: To do this, I had to remove cautious AI responsible for fake critical. I’m sure most will rejoyce at this, I’m genuinely interested in seeing how much this affects. Please let me know ASAP if any werid AI behavior goes down, or something appears to be in Fake Critical. Thanks.