Discord Updates

Discord Updates – July, 23, 2020

[9:29 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

7/23 patch: :here: New command called !usercount. Similar to !gilcount, !expcount, etc, it will just return how many users there are in the system. :here: !allegiances, !gilcount, !expcount, !snubcount, !usercount, !leaderboard, !expboard, !snubs, !rank, !exprank, and !botboard can now accept an optional “active” parameter. When done so, its output will only consider currently active users. For example, “!leaderboard current” will return the Top 15 richest users, among those who are considered active. “!rank active” will return your leaderboard rank among active users only. “!gilcount active” will return the number of total Gil among active users only. :here: An active user is a user who had their balance change in some way within the last 30 days (as of the latest reloading of the bank at the start of a tournament). Viewing, chatting, or even doing a normal !fight is not enough for you to be declared active (not that there’s any real penalty to being inactive other than be excluded from these optional leaderboards). :here: Tried to organize the Command list in the Stream Info a little better… Please file #bug-reports if you notice any bugs with this new update.