Discord Updates

Discord Updates – July 15, 2020

[9:17 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

With the second person achieving Prestige Level 5, I decided it’s an appropriate time to introduce the stream’s sixth Hidden Skill… Doppelganger! :here: Ever have a great roll generate on a bad team or go down to awful luck? Or perhaps you just want to experience that character again? When Doppelganger is used, your character will be an exact duplicate of the last character you rolled!:here: I’ve added a “last” parameter to the !unit command to get their last character generated… so !unit last (!unit with no parameter will now default to this) will return your last character. Anyone can use this command if they’d like. Although I put in the “character saving” code in through a ninja update this morning so if your last character was before that, you won’t have anything there. :here: Doppelganger behaves like a Monster Skill. This means all you have to do to use it is use “!fight Doppelganger”. It cannot be equipped or excluded. While it has the price of an elite monster (800G), it shares its cooldown with other Hidden Skills, not Elite Monsters. Additionally, because it counts as its own type of “monster”, it will not cause you to lose your Class Bonus, despite rolling two characters in a row. :here: The first non-VIP to obtain this new Hidden Skill through prestiging will earn themselves a shiny VIP badge! :here: Once someone actually has this skill, please keep a close eye and report any #bug-reports .

[3:24 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

Improving the most recent skill by addressing an unintended weakness and something that could cause some “feel bad” moments if not properly addressed: – You can now exclude Doppelganger to have that unit not take over your “last unit” slot. This way you can preserve a powerful “last unit” while waiting for Hidden Skill to come off cooldown. This was an important change to make, as the way to reduce cooldown is to roll characters and I don’t wish people to feel bad that their great unit was uncopiable due to using a previous Hidden Skill.waynerOo1fftbgFarlem1fftbgPrayRNG2