Discord Updates

Discord Updates – July 1, 2020

[5:38 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Idk how much interest there is in this but decided it was low-hanging fruit, and someone did ask about it before. Next patch…

:here: Bot will recognize the term “floor” when making a wager as your intent to bet an amount equal to your floor. If your Gil floor is 104, for example, “!bet floor red” will place a 104G water on red.

:here: There’s a shortcut to this like !allin called !betf. So “!betf red” would do the same thing.

:here: It does work with !allbut for whatever reason you’d want to bet all but your floor.

The main purpose is to make it quicker to get a bet in when time is running out. A lot easier to type “!betf red” than it is “!bet 100 red”.