Discord Updates

Discord Updates – June 15, 2020

[6:02 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

TOC3 semi-finals maps determined to be 61) Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor and 85) Mandalia Plains

[6:05 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

And now, a special job for those who have a unit currently in TOC3… PM me one map not currently in TOC3 you’d prefer to challenge the current Champion of Champions on if you get that privledge. Frist five to PM me count. As a reminder, the map list is currently: :here: 73 – Windmill Shed :here: 40 – Slums in Goug :here: 12 – Gate of Lionel Castle :here: 76 – Zeklaus Desert :here: 61 – Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor :here: 85 – Mandalia Plains(edited)

[8:33 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Ok slow pokes, I got the maps. Rip you.fftbgNegotiations4

[12:00 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

Ok so the final TOC3 maps have been finalized. Chosen by me, I decide to bring the finals back to the first map of Act 1 in the game (excluding the tutorial fight): 22 – Magic City Gariland Additionally, I sent the map list I got earlier today from the TOC3 challenger hopefuls and let the team captain of the reigning Champion of Champions, @Bryan792 , decide which map he wants to defend his title on. Of the five, he selected: 57 – Underground Book Storage First Floor And with all maps determined, I then randomized the order of the Round 1 and semi finals maps to get this bracket: :here: 1st match: Seed One vs Seed Eight on 76 – Zeklaus Desert :here: 2nd match: Seed Four vs Seed Five on 12 – Gate of Lionel Castle :here: 3rd patch: Seed Two vs Seed Seven on 73 – Windmill Shed :here: 4th match: Seed Three vs Seed Six on 40 – Slums in Goug :here: 5th match: Winner of first two matches on 85 – Mandalia Plains :here: 6th match: Winner of second two matches on 61 – Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor :here: 7th match: Semi-finalists battle on 22 – Magic City Gariland :here: Finally, the Champion of Champions title match will be on 57 – Underground Book Storage First Floor I don’t know about you, but finally having the matchups has me excited! See you on Saturday!(edited)fftbgCharm6fftbgBeheChamp4fftbgSongOfMyPeople1cohhRave4

[2:05 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

:here: All Sword Skills in the Battle Skill tree have been reduced in cost by 4 MP.