Discord Updates

Discord Updates – June 9, 2020

[7:44 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

I’ve been working to rename tracks on the playlist to a “Game Name – Track Name” format, while also removing other gibberish like “1080p” , “VGM”, “Soundtrack”, “OST”, etc. I did a quick (well actually quite long) once-over of the entire playlist but there’s likely still a ton of music on the soundtrack that lists the Track Name first, is missing the dash in between, or has other random gibberish in its title. Please post in #music-suggestions when you encounter this when using !music, and I’ll correct it right away.👍5🆗3

[11:24 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

New completely untested features. Firstly… :here: Bots can no longer win the Highest Riser or Deepest Faller designations. And, the related new feature… Highest Riser Reward! If you’re able to earn the Highest Riser of a given tournament, you’re rewarded with a randomly selected perk: :here: Cooldowns Reduced: All of your skill cooldowns decrement by 1. :here: Level Up: +100 EXP, straight up, enough for a free level. :here: +2,000G. Self explanatory. More money to add to your winnings. :here: Learn a Random Unowned Skill. If you have every skill but have an unremembered Hidden Skill, you will remember a Hidden Skill instead. If you have every skill and no unremembered Hidden Skills, you get nothing. Tough! :here: +5% Raid Chance of your allied team (random team if you are unallied). I haven’t tested this at all! #bug-reports if something explodes or you didn’t get what you were supposed to get or something! Thanks!