Discord Updates

Discord Updates – May 16, 2020

[10:10 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

5/16 patch: :here: ThrowItem now guarentees an Item secondary when forced, and MonsterTalk now guarentees a Talk Skill secondary when forced. Originally, I didn’t want to make these skills “better versions” of Item and TalkSkill but I’d say there is enough reason for both to exist (if you want Item but want a chance at a support other than Throw Item for example). And along with that… :here: Using the Item and TalkSkill skills no longer gives you the increased chance at getting Throw Item and Monster Talk as your support skill (it can still be rolled normally unless you exclude ThrowItem/MonsterTalk). Units getting Item and Talk Skill randomly are not affected and still have the increased chance at getting Throw Item and Monster Talk. :here: Even though they now guarentee them when forced, excluding ThrowItem or MonsterTalk does not exclude Item and Talk Skill, too. :here: One can still get Throw Item or Monster Talk without Item and Talk Skill by using “throwitem -item” or “monstertalk -talkskill” if you really wanted to. :here: Calculators are no longer compatible with MonsterTalk or ThrowItem. :here: Renamed Wave Around to Storm Around, and Sudden Cry to Frozen Cry to better reflect the elements they were given. :here: Renamed Faith Up and Brave Up reactions to Faith Save and Brave Save, respectively. Also renamed their skills from FaithUp/BraveUp to FaithSave/BraveSave. Partly, this was done to make them consistent with the otther stat-boosting reactions (Speed Save, PA Save, etc). But also to help reduce the confusion between these and Brave and Faith Boost. If you had BraveUp or FaithUp, it should’ve converted it to the new skill name but let me know if not! As usual, let me know if any #bug-reports crop up from these changes.