Discord Updates

Discord Updates – May 15, 2020

[7:10 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

:here: Staff, Flare, Dark Holy, Holy, Petrify, and Fury moved down a rarity tier (slightly more common). :here: Hammer, Axe, Sword, Empower, Bahamut and Cyclops moved up a rarity tier (slightly more rare).(edited)

[9:58 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Okay so I’m unsure how popular this change will be buuut, I think it may be worth it to get some more skill diversity… :here: Skill cooldown period has been doubled, from 3 to 6. Skills will now take three entries to get to the point they can be used again at all, and then three more after that to be used without penalty (first -4 EXP / -10 pri, then -2 EXP / -5 pri, finally -1 EXP / -3 pri). As a perk though of how the data is in the dataset, any of your skills you currently had on cooldown should all have been downgraded in their current penalty (your most recently used skill for example will be in the -4/-10 stage). So enjoy that I suppose.fftbgCharm7fftbatFightMe1fftbgFrog4fftbgSadBirb2

[11:25 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

:here: Strong and Elite monsters have been given seperate cooldowns (one for Strong monsters and one for Elite).plus_one3

[4:41 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

The stream’s 185th skill will be revealed momentarily…(edited)👀3🤯1fftbgBeheChamp3

[5:04 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

The new skill (which will Drop in the first tournament following the patch) is PreferredArms! Sick and tired of all those Pole Lancers or Axe Knights? This new skill has got you covered! :here: Including this skill guarentees you’ll get your class’s preferred weapon type. That means a Lancer will always get a Spear. A Mediator will always get a Gun, and so forth. :here: If an Equip Weapon support ability is rolled, this ability will guarentee you the class’s preferred weapon in that category if they have one. If not, how unlucky!: this skill sadly will do nothing. :here: This skill WILL prevent Martial Arts from leaving your character unarmed. :here: If Dual Wield is rolled as a support ability (or your class is a Ninja), only one of your weapons will be the preferred type guarenteed. :here: Despite Knights having an equal chance at Swords and Knight Swords normally, I decided to say to hell with it and make Knight Swords the preferred skill as far as this ability goes. :here: Archers are the only class with two ‘preferred weapons’ for this purpose. All that it does for them is guarentee they won’t get a Gun. :here: Monks will get guarenteed fists (no bags). :here: Excluding this skill equalizes weapon preferences of your character. It does NOT guarentee a non-preferred weapon, but it does increase the chance of one. :here: Excluding this skill has no effect if Equip Weapon is rolled as the passive (no, I’m not letting you kiddies do EquipGun Ninjas with this skill excluded to increase the odds of gunjas). :here: Excluding this skill on a Monk will give them a 50% Bag chance. It doesn’t increase the bag chance on any other class, though. :here: This skill is incompatible with Mimes, obviously. This skill is of uncommon rarity.