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Discord Updates – May 11, 2020

[5:40 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Some other weapon preference changes in Equip X abilities to help get some weapon diversity among classes who get the majority of what is offered in that skill innately: :here: Knights and Geomancers now have Flail preference in Equip Axe. :here: Priests now have Axe preference in Equip Axe. :here: Ninjas now have Axe/Staff preference in Equip Axe. :here: Knights now have Katana preference in Equip Sword. :here: Samurai now have Knight Sword preference in Equip Sword. :here: Geomancers now have Knight Sword/Sword preference in Equip Sword. :here: Ninjas now have Katana/Sword preference in Equip Sword. :here: Samurai now have Ninja Blade preference in Equip Knife. Attached is an updated guide.(edited)Attachment file type: documentmessage.txt5.54 KB

[8:10 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Also item changes. :here: Battle Bamboo: +1 PA -> +2 PA. :here: Cute Bag: +1 MA -> +1 PA, +1 MA :here: Persia: +1 Speed -> +1 PA. :here: Night Killer: Gains +1 MA. :here: Long Sword: Gains +1 Move. :here: Air Knife: Gains +1 Jump. :here: Bow Gun: 5 WP -> 4 WP. +2 Speed -> +2 PA. :here: Chirijiraden: +2 PA -> +2 Speed.