Discord Updates

Discord Updates – May 8, 2020

[10:34 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Things… :here: -1 MA to Dragon (now 38), Blue Dragon (now 40). :here: +8 MA to Skeleton (now 44), Reaper (now 45). :here: +6 MA to Reaper (now 42). :here: +1 PA to Iron Hawk (now 14). :here: -1 PA to Coeurl (now 13). :here: +1 MA to Juravis (now 46). :here: Ice Breath, Fire Breath, Thunder Breath, and Holy Breath no longer Stop on Obstacle. That means it hits all targets in its radius (like Triple Breath), rather than selecting a single panel (like Blow Fire or Spear attacks). :here: Moldball Virus is now a 2-range line attack (stops on obstacle). :here: Added +1 range to the followingn abilities: Blow Fire (now 3 line), Throw Spirit (now 4), Peck (now 3), Shine Lover (now 3), and Feather Bomb (now 5). :here: Defense Armlet now grants +1 PA in addition to its previous effects. :here: Small Mantle from 15% phys/magic evasion -> 20%. :here: Wizard Mantle from 18% phys/magic evasion -> 15%.(edited)fftbgPhoenixDown2necrobutt1BLpoggers1fifiRage2May 9, 2020