Discord Updates

Discord Updates – May 1, 2020

11:30 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

I felt that Blue Mages could use a bit more variety, so I created 16 new combinations of monster abilities for them. The balance between “special” blue mages and “normal monster” Blue Mages hasn’t changed, so each “normal monster” Blue Magic will be individually rarer. Currently there is eight such “normal monster” skillset combinations: Bird Skill, Imp Skill, Wildfire Skill, Animal Skill, Tentacle Skill, Undeath Skill, Beast Skill, and Dragon Skill. This update adds the following new skillsets to this list: :here: Foul Skill (Pig and Malboro families) :here: Pet Skill (Cat and Aevis families) :here: Spirit Skill (Bomb and Ghost families) :here: Ranch Skill (Chocobo and Minotaur families) :here: Dungeon Skill (Goblin and Dragon families) :here: Marsh Skill (Tree and Squid families) :here: Nether Skill (Eye and Hydra families) :here: Gore Skill (Skeleton and Behemoth families) :here: Farm Skill (Chocobo and Pig families) :here: Giant Skill (Behemoth and Hydra families) :here: Forest Skill (Tree and Aevis families) :here: Curse Skill (Ghost and Eye families) :here: Chaos Skill (Goblin and Bomb families) :here: Disease Skill (Malboro and Skeleton families) :here: Labyrinth Skill (Minotaur and Dragon families) :here: Catfish Skill (Cat and Squid families) After this tournament I’ll probably run a Blue Magic tournament to introduce them. During this special tournament, “special” Blue Magic chance will be reduced to get more of the newer types. Let me know if you notice any bugs regarding these new types.