Discord Updates

Discord Updates – April, 30

[9:43 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Okay so, uh, I’m putting an experimental and pretty major change into affect… :here:Charging units no longer lose their evasion. Note that Charging units will still take double damage from physical attacks. Also, this shouldn’t affect other evasion-nullifying statuses (Dont Act, Stop, Sleep, Confuse, or Performing). I’m kind of hesitant because I don’t know how this is going to shift the balance of the stream meta but when you look at dominating unit types, they really do benefit a great deal from not losing their evasion. This also adds a lot more value to Unevadeable moves, Concentrate and Sunken State, as well as Mantles/Equip Shield for mages. If this proves to be too problematic (I’m concerned about Summoners, Archers & Knights in particular, since they are units that Charge frequently but probably don’t need the added help.), it should be relatively easy to revert. A mage with Abandon, an Mantle, and Equip Shield with a decent shield will definitely be a pain in the arse now. But at the same time, this setup was already possible with Lancers and Geos or simply with mages with Blade Grasp and decent Brave. Please submit a bug report ASAP if ANY evasion-modifying status doesn’t seem to be working correctly!!(edited)👍4fftbgNegotiations2👀2fftbgBigBrain2pogg2

[5:00 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

In addition to the above, a few other changes: :here: Several minor item changes, mostly adding minor amounts of MP to items. :here: Geomancer HP 187/175 -> 175/164 :here: Squire HP 182/171 -> 187/175. :here: Thief HP 176/165 -> 181/169