Discord Updates

Discord Updates – April 17, 2020

[9:41 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

A few assorted changes… :here: Life Song and Witch Hunt from 4 CT -> 5 CT. They went down to 4 in the global CT reduction for Sing/Dance a few days ago, but 4 CT seems to be a bit too short for Songs and Dances, as it nearly guarentees they get them off twice which kind of slows down the action. :here: Life Song’s heal buffed from (10 + MA) to (20 + MA). :here: Fury’s heal increased from 33% to 35%. :here: Mighty Sword range increased from 2 to 3. :here: Added the “Affect HP” AI behavior flag to Hellcry Punch and Icewolf Bite, which was curiously missing (Shellburst Stab and Blastar Punch both have this flag checked, which explains why the AI previously preferred these two.) :here: Stabilize Time from 2 CT to 1 CT, making it the fastest spell in the game. :here: Changed a line of dialogue in the Tutorial to “Nizaha hates fun”.(edited)fftbgCharm7smart3fftbgByblosDance1

[10:55 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Only 22 hours to go until TOC2!