Discord Updates

Discord Updates – April 11, 2020

[9:19 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

More Class Bonus revisions in the next patch, that I think most people will approve of… :here: Classes will now unlock for your Class Bonus at three remaining now, which means at max Class Streak, you’ll always have at least three classes to choose from*. So if you really have a class you dislike, you can now avoid it entirely. But this also allows you to synergize your choices a bit more between Class Bonus and Skill Bonus, picking which class out of three is best suited for your current Skill Bonus. :here: If you have a Monster Skill as your current Skill Bonus, it will now apply your Class Bonus on top of the +2 Skill Bonus. This is to make using a Monster as your Skill Bonus more enticing, as originally at max Class Bonus, it was still much better to choose to go with a human. !classbonus has been updated to reflect this – but plesae note that it is similar to the Class Bonus added to normal !fight: it will benefit from your bonus, but not extend your class streak. *Note that this patch won’t update the data right away… people already at or near the max class streak with only one or two classes to choose from will need to enter as that class. But after getting in, it should give you back three random classes. Minor things: :here:Skill and Class bonus updates have been removed from the Console’s log. So, sorry if you were using it to retrieve that information. You’ll have to check !classbonus now after getting in to see your new class (if at < 3 remaining) or skill bonus. Actually I decided to keep it in the console for now until I’m satisified everything’s working as intended with these new changes, but it’ll be removed eventually. :here: Added a shortcut, !bonus, for !classbonus.