Discord Updates

Discord Updates – March 17, 2020

[6:42 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Samurai now prefer Bows from Equip Bow, Mediators now prefer Crossbows. Every other class is still neutral👍6fftbatWick1

[6:55 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Also in the next patch, the potential payout for winning as a Raid Boss or allied to one gets a bit jucier: Becoming champion as a raid boss now fetches you 50 EXP and 5,000G (up from 20/2,000), while his allies earn 20 EXP and 2,000G (up from 10/1,000).👍5fftbatBeheChamp3

[9:05 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

I know I discused this but it seems I forgot to actually make this change so it’s being made now: Having multiple forgotten Hidden Skills no longer significantly reduces the chance of a particular Hidden Skill from being remembered. Previously, the chance to remember a random forgotten skill each level was (14 + Prestige Level)%, which was problematic because multiple Hidden Skills reduced the chances of getting a particular Hidden Skill back pretty significantly. Now, it will loop through a shuffled list of each of your forgotten Hidden Skills at 15% each until all have failed to be relearned or one passes. Thus, while you can still can’t relearn more than one per level, your odds of remembering something goes up with each used Hidden Skill you’ve used.fftbatByblosDance4👍4

[11:18 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

ISO change incoming next patch… Fixes: – Played around with the internal item levels of throwable items so the AI is a bit more smart in its selection of items to throw. – Fixed a bug with the Beam ability on Eyes that was causing them to view it incorrectly as an MP-affecting spell, rather than a Stats-affecting one. Which is likely the reason they rarely if ever used it. But I also have some new spell items for you all that should entice you. First moving some effects around to make room for fun stuff: – Rainbow Staff -> Gains Initial Regen – Octagon Rod -> Loses its “Esuna” effect and gains Musk Rod’s “Dispel Magic” effect. The AI isn’t smart enough to use this to cure status, and it’s probably a good thing cause Octagon Rod has good WP. Now to the fun stuff: – Giant Axe -> Gains Chance to lower 2 PA. – Musk Rod -> Loses “Dispel Magic” effect; Gains Gains Chance to lower 2 MA. – Gold Staff -> Loses Initial Regen; Gains Chance to Cast Spell Absorb. – Cashmere -> Loses Initial Haste. Gains Chance to Cast Nameless Dance.