Discord Updates

Discord Updates – March 13, 2020

[10:02 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

I have added the 5th and probably final Hidden Skill for some time: “RaidBoss”. I’m not sure how some of you will feel about this one, but I think it will be pretty darn fun. Characters generated with RaidBoss generate as if they used all four of BraveBoost, FaithBoost, HighlySkilled, and GearedUp. Additionally, if the RaidBoss becomes champion, he earns himself an extra 20 EXP and 2,000G. And his teammtes (including anyone allied with his team with !allegiance) also dip in, earning 10 EXP and 1,000G. However if the RaidBoss loses, everyone who attmepted to join the tournament at the beginning (other than the RaidBoss himself, his teammates, and those allied to his team) earn an extra 5 EXP and 500G (and those allied with or part of the team to defeat the raid boss earn double this). Excluding RaidBoss rolls a character as if one excluded BraveBoost, FaithBoost, HighlySkilled, and GearedUp, but doesn’t have any additional effects past this. Hopefully this will be a fun skill worth prestiging for.