Discord Updates

Discord Updates – March 5, 2020

[8:20 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Some accessory changes… Sprint Shoes: 1 Speed -> 2 Speed. Battle Boots: 1 Move -> 1 Speed, 1 Move Spike Shoes: 1 Jump -> 1 Speed, 1 Jump. Maximillian now adds +1 PA and +1 Move in addition to its immunity to Poison and Oil. To clear up room in Item Attributes I had to modify the effects of some items to merge their effects with others…: Green Beret: Loses Slow Immunity, gains +1 Move (merging it with the new Battle Boots) Kiyomori: Removed Initial Protect and Shell, merging it with other +1 MA gear. Corrected the item description of Ryzoan Silk… it does not give +1 speed. Rather, it has a chance to add Stop.(edited)👍1

[8:22 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Also fixed another item description: Hidden Knife was missing its +1 speed