Discord Updates

Discord Updates – Feb 9, 2020

8:48 AM] TheKillerNacho: 

Next patch: Fixed a minor bug where the bot was sending the “Betting is closed” message a second after the timer actually hit zero.👀1

[3:09 PM] TheKillerNacho: 

@everyone After some analysis, I’ve decided to change the botting policy to include !bet bots (previously action was only taken against !fight bots). This will go into affect this time tomorrow, giving a 24 hour grace period for those !bet botting to comply with the new rules. Users detected to be !bet botting will become marked bots (locked to level 0 and default 1 prioirty always). While proven !fight botters will never be unmarked, first-time !bet botters can submit an appeal after a month’s time for this to be removed. Violating this regulation again will result in a permanent marked bot status. This change is mostly being made to avoid cheesing of the stream’s progression, as well as inflating the economy too much with leveled up “salt mine” bots. On the plus side, I am planning some interesting features for marked bots now that the dump has allowed creation of an API. Perhaps their own leaderboard, so programmers looking to program smart betting bots should have that to look forward to. The use of macros and scripts is fine so long as you’re actually there, but do so at your own risk.